Maison Amaddeo

Well done ! You have found our secret page. Here you will be able to see all the inspirations that have contributed to create Maison Amaddeo’s stylistic identity.

Enameled ring (Byzantine Empire)

Grand feu enamel

Gigantas, jewel imagined around a natural pearl (1600)

Rough stones in their natural state

The micro-mosaic and its shades of color

Still Life of Flowers and Insects by Jan Van Hyusum

Rough stones in their natural state

Jan van Scorel, A man, a thought and a skull (1535)

TANK rings (typical ring from the 1950s)

Sofia Loren

A good mix of things I like, Arcade and Renaissance

Memento Mori amulet with secret opening (1800)

The design of NBA champion rings

Rough diamond in its rock

Hand Schiaparelli

Classical Revival Carved Coral Cameo

The Dungeons & Dragons Monster Handbook, First Edition

A hidden compartment in a ring to slip a secret message

Chimerical beings, a mixture of two different universes

Nathalie & Alain Delon

Seven of Pentacles, Visconti tarot (1428-1447)

The ruby ​​set in the mass

Still life

Love symbols in a ring

Dark diamond. Its imperfections make it unique.

NFL Champions Ring

Pink agate

Skeleton in its coffin, Memento Mori (1800)

Rough ruby ​​still in its rock

Old family crests to engrave on a signet ring